BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainAdd support for flatpak applicationsGravatar Étienne Deparis 22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-10-01Add support for flatpak applicationsHEADmainGravatar Étienne Deparis
2020-10-01Add commented debug related code to have logging in journaldGravatar Étienne Deparis
2020-10-01Remove a GTK warningGravatar Étienne Deparis
2020-10-01Use a unique python file for development toolsGravatar Étienne Deparis
2020-10-01Fix app name in some placesGravatar Étienne Deparis
2020-10-01Make mate applet description file translatableGravatar Étienne Deparis
2020-10-01Improve gschema file wording and make it translatableGravatar Étienne Deparis
2020-10-01Respect pep8Gravatar Étienne Deparis
2020-03-25Add a README fileGravatar Étienne Deparis
2020-02-29Add back i3-msg as workspace name providerGravatar Étienne Deparis