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master * Improvements in the http code in processing http headers.Gravatar Eduardo Chappa 4 weeks
various-impCleanup a bit repositoryGravatar √Čtienne Deparis 4 weeks
v2.24alpine-2.24.tar.gz  alpine-2.24.tar.xz  alpine-2.24.zip  Gravatar Eduardo Chappa 22 months
v2.23alpine-2.23.tar.gz  alpine-2.23.tar.xz  alpine-2.23.zip  Gravatar Eduardo Chappa 2 years
v2.23.2alpine-2.23.2.tar.gz  alpine-2.23.2.tar.xz  alpine-2.23.2.zip  Gravatar Eduardo Chappa 2 years
v2.23.1alpine-2.23.1.tar.gz  alpine-2.23.1.tar.xz  alpine-2.23.1.zip  Gravatar Eduardo Chappa 2 years
v2.22.1alpine-2.22.1.tar.gz  alpine-2.22.1.tar.xz  alpine-2.22.1.zip  Gravatar Eduardo Chappa 2 years
v2.22alpine-2.22.tar.gz  alpine-2.22.tar.xz  alpine-2.22.zip  Gravatar Eduardo Chappa 3 years
v2.10.99999alpine-2.10.99999.tar.gz  alpine-2.10.99999.tar.xz  alpine-2.10.99999.zip  Gravatar Eduardo Chappa 3 years
v2.11.6alpine-2.11.6.tar.gz  alpine-2.11.6.tar.xz  alpine-2.11.6.zip  Gravatar Eduardo Chappa 3 years
v2.11.8alpine-2.11.8.tar.gz  alpine-2.11.8.tar.xz  alpine-2.11.8.zip  Gravatar Eduardo Chappa 3 years
v2.19.1alpine-2.19.1.tar.gz  alpine-2.19.1.tar.xz  alpine-2.19.1.zip  Gravatar Eduardo Chappa 3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-07-14 * Improvements in the http code in processing http headers.HEADmasterGravatar Eduardo Chappa
2022-07-04 * Improvements to error detection for the eXternal command.Gravatar Eduardo Chappa
2022-06-19 * Fixes to documentation by Dennis Davis.Gravatar Eduardo Chappa
2022-06-16 * Update configure script according to previous change to configure.acGravatar Eduardo Chappa
2022-06-16 * Fix regression introduced by f95e2d179774739a885468144e68de047245ada5:Gravatar Eduardo Chappa
2022-06-11 * Update to reflect the change from alpine.x10host.com to alpineapp.email.Gravatar Eduardo Chappa
2022-06-10 * Cleaning up some memory leaks reported by Valgrind. Memory leaks in theGravatar Eduardo Chappa
2022-06-05 * Crash in PC-Alpine when postponing a message. Reported by Paolo Ienne.Gravatar Eduardo Chappa
2022-06-04 * If kerberos is not fully installed remove it from the list of libraries.Gravatar Eduardo Chappa
2022-06-02 * New version 2.26Gravatar Eduardo Chappa