carp is an EncFS frontend to ease day-to-day creating, mounting and umounting your various stashes. Using this script, your stash will always be mounted under ~/Private.

Main development occurs here: https://git.umaneti.net/carp/ However, issues and pull request should be openend on github for now.


carp [ -c ] create [ -m ] [ -s ] rootdir

carp [ -c ] [ mount | unmount | pull | push ] name

carp [ -c ] list [ mounted | unmounted | all ]

carp [--help]
  • create: Create a new EncFS stash.
  • mount: Mount an existing EncFS stash.
  • umount: Umount a currently mounted EncFS stash.
  • pull: Pull a distant stash.
  • push: Push to a distant stash.
  • list: List all your currently mounted EncFS stashes.

For more usage information, please refer to the carp(1) man page. For information regarding the configuration file, a carp.conf(5) man page is also available.


This repository include a regular Makefile, thus you just have to do the classic:

sudo make install

Python module usage

Carp is developped as a python module. You can add it to your project and import it like this:

import carp

c = carp.StashManager()


from carp.stash_manager import StashManager

c = StashManager()