Preferences are stored in the YAML file ~/.config/chwall.yml. You can edit it through the preferences window, which can be opened from the main application or the system tray icon. You can manually edit it too. The following sections will help you to do so.

General structure

Put the chwall.yml.example file in ~/.config/ and tune it as you want. This file is not mandatary.

The chwall.yml config file is a YAML file with several top level objects:

  • general will contains preferences, which are used by chwall to operate as intended.
  • one key for each activated (or not) picture sources.

general may contains the following subkeys:

  • shared, which is an object containing at least another subkey: path. This must be the path to a writable file, which will always contains the last set wallpaper. This is usefull to display the same wallpaper on lightdm and on your desktop, without having to set wide open permissions to your home folder. Use something in /var/cache for exemple.
  • sources is an array containing the activated pictures sources. By default, only bing and natgeo are activated. The sources must be one or more of: bing, natgeo (for the National Geographic picture of the day), nasa (for the NASA astronomical picture of the day), unsplash, deviantart, or local (for your local folders).

Sources options

Add local folders to inspect

In order to display wallpaper from your own local collection, just add the top level key local to the chwall.yml file. This variable must contains an option named paths, which must contain an array listing folder path. you can use * or ** as placeholder. See python glob documentation to know more how to write your folder paths.

Set the Bing region to fetch picture from

Add the top level key bing to your chwall.yml file, containing an option named locales, which must list locale names. See the appropriate Bing page to know more about the available regions. If you add more than one locale (at least one is required!), duplicate pictures won't be add to the pending list.

Configure Unsplash fetcher

Add an API key

Since Unsplash shut down their RSS feeds, this fetcher now relies entirely on their API. Thus, you must register an application on Unsplash in order to consume their API. Once this is done, you must add the subkey access_key under the top level key unsplash in your chwall.yml config file.

Number of pictures to fetch

The count subkey let you choose how many pictures you want to retrieve from Unsplash. You are limited to 30 by the API, and the default is 20.

Set the picture resolution

You can add a subkey named width under the unsplash top level key, with the value of your choice. This value should be the width of your screen. The default value, if no one is given, is 1600.

Retrieve pictures from a collection

If you want to pick images from a specific collection, instead of random pictures, you can use the collections subkey, which let you specify one or more public collections IDs.

Add Deviantart RSS Feeds

Deviantart RSS feeds follow the same URL pattern: https://backend.deviantart.com/rss.xml?q=[REQUEST]&type=deviation

All you have to do is to add the top level key deviantart to your chwall.yml file, containing an option named collections, which must list [REQUEST] items.