BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainAdd ruby-end-space to multiple cursors allowed functionsGravatar Étienne Deparis 7 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysAdd ruby-end-space to multiple cursors allowed functionsHEADmainGravatar Étienne Deparis
7 daysDo not show trailing whitespaces in ElDoc boxesGravatar Étienne Deparis
7 daysSupport Gitolite configuration modeGravatar Étienne Deparis
8 Improve ruby-fsl-skip mechanismGravatar Étienne Deparis
8 daysFix gitignore themes related rule and restore deleted contentGravatar Étienne Deparis
8 daysBetter store newly little packages and expose them in the litterate configGravatar Étienne Deparis
9 daysUse eldoc-box for better ElDoc displayGravatar Étienne Deparis
9 Refactor eldoc settingsGravatar Étienne Deparis
9 Add support for coffeescript and terraform LSPGravatar Étienne Deparis
9 daysAdd company backends for ansible and terraformGravatar Étienne Deparis