Obviously, this package also depends on flycheck, which must be loaded first.

You first need to clone this repository. We recommend you to put it somewhere under your .emacs.d folder.

On GNU/Linux and Mac OS, you can benefit of a Makefile, which will download for you the last version of Grammalecte and compile the GNU Emacs Lisp package. For that to happen, go to the newly created flycheck-grammalecte folder and enter the make command.

cd flycheck-grammalecte

When it's done, you can add the following line in your GNU Emacs config file:

And everything should be fine.

You may want to clean up a bit the Flycheck-grammalecte directory by entering the following command: make clean.

If you cannot or don't want to use the Makefile, you can also just add the following line to your GNU Emacs config file (please note that in that case, we call the .el file as we have not byte-compiled it):

Then restart GNU Emacs.