tag namev0.2.0 (058c733d463565c8a0dc151aca2b150ae235420e)
tag date2020-10-10 14:32:48 +0200
tagged byGravatar Étienne Deparis
tagged objectcommit 8574acc5f2...
New release v0.2.0
Feature ======= - Big overall refactoring - Split org download rake task in two tasks (download and compile) - Improve new org file content feeding - Replace curl system call by net/http or open-uri - Improve default config values handling - Add a new export placeholder for Neruda name and version - Support document subtitle - Make org mode aware of neruda placeholders - Move preview related settings under a dedicated conf key - Remove the ‘blog_pattern’ settings - Introduce a new default theme - Use correct wording for Org mode Test ==== - Make pablo help strings tests pass again - Fix tests due to r18n-core upgrade - Try to avoid to spam org-mode website - Add a way to test pablo preview - Avoid side effect with default settings - Coverage nearly at 100% -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQEzBAABCAAdFiEELr0+lFe2MW29EAq8pxTsrIyc7j0FAl+BqmcACgkQpxTsrIyc 7j3IuQf/RaViTpyCtpDtGeD13R/XQbBh7vW5MgDRjH8pQ+kByIe7DnP9bz/hY5tT OQCMYxRuG+9gZtcemFcyyJYo2OZYngrQqmK4mUi+hvhjV3p4NC7ZDnpS+ZSXye6C k5kT09Hai50einTrgfEj1sTiAvPtIYcNR56DmFPSCbjMT1/ukFDf5035GUiXcHJ9 JPKrMxCnr0NL5P+KIsXZfvMndYjXqNJa70Lc4fTiC8xFValVoD98PVD3hftTrwSE LL1tfE1A5tpSCYqE48BwTZm5KEG7eAPwolJZ7MZGaEIi/CcgvZR5//0M3wItXMux KF7HiJQjZ0Q/5I0o2R+oobTlcw5R5Q== =elBI -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----