tag namev0.2.1 (049c72f1919e3f8826bbb3b2d5b19888216e2c23)
tag date2020-10-16 21:54:47 +0200
tagged byGravatar Étienne Deparis
tagged objectcommit 5631b68266...
New release v0.2.1
Feature ======= - Use org-mode default theme as ‘default’ - Include all needed files in yard output - Be sure to always recompute org-config.el before building site - Add a force option to the build task Test ==== - Upgrade rubocop and add rubocop-performance and rubocop-rspec - Add tests for coverage Other ===== - Move Pablo Neruda signing picture in main dir - Make tests and other part comply with latest rubocop guidelines - Sort pablo options - Remove old deprecated comments and stuffs - Use rake file tasks anytime possible - Improve HEREDOC syntax and date expectations in tests - Use \z instead of $ in regexp to match end of string -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQEzBAABCAAdFiEELr0+lFe2MW29EAq8pxTsrIyc7j0FAl+J+rAACgkQpxTsrIyc 7j17UAf/bJ+KIn7e6vE10/Eha4TmTdKFDvF5lNJIAxQLWABFj7kvVh/bc9+Ehsal btelZsBolnPPpS4kn8mA7xOPxiD8Whnao4DVlAyacZ1Qzwv9ptP7EWbEyNPK1H9J 2HDemxE5kwVheWE8EKHE5JBYKio27ZUmbFw6feyJ9rOuWtcERDjLKbAA6DhGlpMC jatAcb5wwMXfTfMW9gUH9IQpwot7gcsJSwXWZe82i51nGCzF0Uk3TFpmtYiZ9bVb y72wQD1/BHMDw9xYHhhvGuUY9ak4tFLBOiq0wOJZ7LAhJ2Cf3dTO4O0+Ryu8WwYK /IyJc2qybGQXfwD19JQnY+BWwuUMYQ== =Ggew -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----