tag namev0.3.0 (3fcd6089d75059f825816fdf2c94b7b42b037459)
tag date2020-11-12 17:04:01 +0100
tagged byGravatar √Čtienne Deparis
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New release v0.3.0
The BIG news here is that this project has been renamed to Fronde. See the DOCUMENTATION.org file for details about it. Feature ======= - Rename this gem from neruda to fronde - Try to mimick the FHS to store required deps and gen. files - Allow raw boolean values to be used in config file - Add a default .gitignore file Fixes ===== - Remove useless argument from command line help Documentation ============= - Begin to work on a real documentation -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQEzBAABCAAdFiEELr0+lFe2MW29EAq8pxTsrIyc7j0FAl+tXWEACgkQpxTsrIyc 7j3CjQgAnw2hm4/NqdcZyZGu97z1YdSWZS3JbTMmlAUJW2Ol9PicwATezJLZ1ysw wGfGkNqwYb9WlVu5vHM5oPyXOBQ+Uz7LfaffQqQ2OGlo+TpxFSRYFAF0dy6W8Aa8 SN0p9WOzmekIdH6kCEsHQhRkU7W6YNRCV0nr2t1vPfQT4BJezY0VNyhyR92FItJP 1z/rzGdEcEFrvZnF+Yf/SII/3s5Zy/M0b6N/GrW8OCIGjclYhwBqXjvypMAGOl7c Nex6AAA2w6tTHsNjBl/9LAzlveArN8vYyugF7iQ6YLuGpVg6ug1C4GznhnCYeQXi OMFeu9oyrwI1q0Er7pBxZnL3P4HlzA== =wN1u -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----