Awesome Boxes is all about drawing admonition blocks around text to inform or alert your readers about something particular. The specific aim of this package is to use FontAwesome 5 icons to ease the illustration of these blocks.

The idea of admonition blocks comes from the ones you can easily do with AsciiDoc.

For more details, please refer to the awesomebox.pdf document.

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The following LaTeX packages are required (they should be already included in your LaTeX distribution):

  • array
  • fontawesome5
  • ifthen
  • xcolor
  • xparse


Download the awesomebox.sty file and put it in the same folder of the document your are composing.

For system wide installation, please refer to the documentation of your LaTeX distribution.


This repository also hosts the package awesomebox-compat, which depends on the fontawesome package, instead of fontawesome5. Apart from that, it has the exact same features set.

This can be useful for you if you want to use it with an old LaTeX distribution, which does not embed fontawesome5 yet (like Overleaf system). To use it, download the file awesomebox-compat.sty in this repository, put it near your tex files and just replace your \usepackage{awesomebox} instruction by \usepackage{awesomebox-compat}.

Be aware that icon names changes between FontAwesome and FontAwesome5 and thus using the compatibility package may break your current files. FontAwesome also requires you to use XeLaTeX or LuaTeX: you cannot use PDFLaTeX with the compatibility package.




Awesome Box is released under the WTFPL. A copy of this license is distributed in this package.