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Document the use of footnotes
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@@ -357,7 +357,36 @@ or environments. Its default value is the following (to match the one
defined by AsciiDoctor) and you can change it this way:
-\section{With other environments}
+\section{In the wild}
+\subsection{Compatibility with inline commands}
+Awesome boxes are drawn with the help of a \texttt{tabular}
+environment. All the glitches that you may encounter with tables will
+happen with awesomebox too. Good news is, the respective solution work
+For exemple, footnotes are known to behave badly with tables: the
+upraised number will appear, but the footnote definition will never be
+appended at the end of the page. To fix that, either for tables or for
+awesomeboxes, you should follow
+ answer on StackOverflow} and use the \texttt{footnote} package
+alongside the command \texttt{\textbackslash
+ make\-save\-note\-env\{tabular\}}.
+ \documentclass{article}
+ \usepackage{footnote}
+ \makesavenoteenv{tabular}
+ \begin{document}
+ \begin{noteblock}
+ Content\footnote{footnote text}
+ \end{noteblock}
+ \end{document}
+\subsection{Compatibility with other environments}
Awesome boxes may be used in any other environments, like in a list.
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+% Allow footnotes to escape awesomebox
\section{Automatic width detection in list}
@@ -32,6 +36,12 @@
+\section{What about footnotes?}
+I can't get a \verb|\footnote|!\footnote{Can I?}
\section{With custom width declared mid document}