Install it

If you clone this repository in ~/Applis/shell_utils, put that in your ~/.zshrc or ~/.bashrc

Regarding the git submethods, you have to put this in your ~/.gitconfig file:

    cleanup = !zsh -c 'source ~/Applis/shell_utils/git.sh && git-cleanup'
    delremotebranch = !zsh -c 'source ~/Applis/shell_utils/git.sh && git-delremotebranch $1' -
    network = !zsh -c 'source ~/Applis/shell_utils/git.sh && git-network'o
    switchconfig = !zsh -c 'source ~/Applis/shell_utils/git.sh && git-switchconfig $1' -
    profile = !zsh -c 'source ~/Applis/shell_utils/git.sh && git-switchconfig'
    mytag = !zsh -c 'source ~/Applis/shell_utils/git.sh && git-mytag $@' -

Known Issues

Install mozopeninprivate.py dependancies

And call it that way ./bin/python ~/Applis/shell_utils/moz_open_in_private.py. That is to say, use the newly installed virtualenv python to run moz_open_in_private.py. It will sourced for you the virtualenv.

TODO allow own git remote list definition

add some gitremote.conf.example file, which may be sourced by git.sh to be used in git-remote and future git-issue to now what browser to open.

You may want to add custom git remote definition in… TBD

TODO git issue